How to share expenses in the clouds

Posted on lunes, junio 21, 2010 by Pedro Wave

A few days ago I had breakfast with a news headline of Microsoft:
Office is now live on SkyDrive!
and since then I don't stop posting and sharing files in the cloud.

So now that the costs are skyrocketing, and revenues do not therefore, I believe it is a good idea to share it, in times of economic crisis, to tighten our belts all. As usual I have updated my own spreadsheet tracking income and personal expenses, now I have reviewed and updated it to share with you. The truth is that the idea was giving to me by my friend Chandoo on his blog that encourage me to submit to a contest of Excel:

Win a Netbook – 10000 RSS Contest

Do not have Excel 2010 installed?

Do you have a PC with a web browser only?

Do you want to continue working with own and shared files?

The solution is in the cloud!

You can work with spreadsheet data in Windows Live by following these simple steps:

1) Log on Windows Live if you have an account. Haven't you? Create an account now and do not ask me how!

2) You can still use the Web or logging on with a mobile or cell phone.

3) Open from the top menu: Office | Recent documents

4) In your new virtual disk of 25GB SkyDrive, opens: New | Excel Book

5) Give a name to the book and create a file type .xlsx Yes!, Excel 2010 without having installed anything! and click Save.

6) You just create your first Microsoft ExcelWebApp, yes, more limited than the official version but operational! and you can edit it.

7) Edit in the Browser

8) Clicking File, you can open the file in Excel on your PC and to SHARE!!! with your friends in the cloud...

Do not you believe that? Try to share one of my own public Excel files:

Tracker for Personal Expenses and Incomes

NOTICE for Internet users: If you open "a hair" without going into Windows Live session you can only download it and open it in Excel on your PC. If you want to edit it in your browser, click Login (top right).

Finally, Microsoft is in competition with Google docs, Zoho Sheet and other applications in the cloud!

Because look at what makes Google docs with the SUMPRODUCT function in these expenses that I want to share with you in the cloud:

I personally like it better how Zoho Sheet works, which lets you record macros and publish blogs directly as this average daily expenses:

Any application platforms in the cloud has to be improved to incorporate macros, VBA, forms of control, etc., But it is a first step that Microsoft took on 7 June by launching Office Web Apps on Windows Live, and adds there in Microsoft Excel 2010 blog here.

And not only Excel files but also Word, PowerPoint and OneNote files can be published and shared in the cloud now.

Now begins a new era for office software applications for students, homeworkers and professionals!

Traducción al español aquí.

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