Goals of 2010 World Cup South Africa in Excel

Posted on miércoles, junio 16, 2010 by Pedro Wave

It's time that the Spanish Team play the first game and, as not all will be formulas, I attached here a spreadsheet in Excel to keep the goals of 2010 World Cup South Africa.

It is a bubble chart with 3-D effect, of course animated!

You can download the sheet from here:

In case you have not heard, just 64 matches and the final is on 11 July (see the page "Matches")

The formulas for adding daily goals are in cells C30:AH30

In the cells range C31: AH31 are the World Cup total goals:

I leave for someone doing the same style sheet with the games won, lost or tied, and the points scored in the championship.

I suggest you to try to embed the flag of each country in their respective balls.

Which country will score more goals this World Cup?

I entered the goals so far and you can get goals from the following matches, checking the official website 2010 World Cup South Africa here.

Traducción al español aquí.

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