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Posted on lunes, junio 27, 2011 by Pedro Wave

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If you're tired as I am copying and pasting into Google Translate, you can use Excel to do the dirty work of copying and pasting translations into over 60 languages.

NOTE: You can translate up to 63 languages as Google Translate has included 5 new languages ​​of India and Bangladesh: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. More than 500 million people speak these five languages​​.
Google Translate Supports 5 Indic Languages

Nice Translator

The need to translate my application in different languages ​​requires to use Google Translate often by copying and pasting the text in the box. But copy and paste is going to end!

For the translation in several languages I used to use very nice online translator called NiceTranslator that allows the simultaneous translation into 51 languages, as you can see yourself without leaving this page. Click translate into to choose languages and start typing the text you want translate:

NiceTranslator was created to provide an improved interface for text translation on the Web. Although web technologies have come a long way recently, online translators are still cumbersome to use.

Google Translator

Thanks to the translation of Google Translate API, NiceTranslator has been able to focus on the design of an online translator simple and functional, with the aim of providing an easy to use online translator.

But the Google Translate API is now obsolete officially on May 26, 2011 because, due to the significant economic burden caused by extensive abuse, the number of applications that can make per day is limited and this API will be closed altogether December 1, 2011.

You can read about this hot topic in the The Official Google Code Blog:
Spring cleaning for some of our APIs By Adam Feldman, Google APIs Product Manager

You can do experiments in JavaScript with the Google language translation API methods:
Google Code Playground

Excel Translator

Professional translators use Excel to store their translations
Game Localization - The biggest mistakes made by game developers and game publishers
Easy custom localization in WPF

Excel now comes to help me to translate simultaneously in 63 languages​​, copying or writing a sentence, written in any of these languages, generating translations in seconds.


With this file now you can translate them yourself by modifying the cells with yellow background:
D17 cell: To select my language from a dropdown list.
E column: To check the languages to translate.
E17 cell: To translate only into my language.
F column: Enter the text to be translated and translations will be shown.
G17 cell: Maximum number of seconds programmed to permit Google translate.

These columns provide information about languages:
B: Country code.
C: Language name in the original language of the country.
D: Language name in the chosen language in the drop-down list of D17 cell.

For that, I promised that using copy and paste the Google Translator is going to end.
Dear reader, tell me if I have fulfilled the promise.

NOTE: Google's translations are unreliable, are only approximate. A correct translation requires the services of a professional translator.

Online Translators

Here you can consult other online translators:

PS: To translate an Excel document to more than 50 languages ​​use:
DocTranslator - Free Online Document Translator

Instantly translates and preserves the layout of Office documents, using the Google translation API. DocTranslator is compatible with Excel type files .xls and .xlsx in Windows.

Traducción al español aquí

2 Response to "58 languages translator ​​in Excel"

ANOOne Digital Says....

www.technitya.com has the function that integrates into Excel and calls Google's API for translation. You need your own API key for this as google charges for this service.

Anónimo Says....

Hola Pedro,

Creo que eso es lo que yo buscaba. Solo tengo un problema. Cuando intento agregar una hoja nueva a tu archivo para probar funcion TraductorGoogle, ella deja de funcionar y me da el siguiente error:

Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus [duplicate]

Tendrias idea de como solucionar eso? Tengo IE 8 que al parecer habia solucionado ese problema.

Muchas gracias de antemano. Tu funcion parece brillante.


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