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Posted on jueves, marzo 31, 2011 by Pedro Wave

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We, as VBA software programmers, expend many hours alone coding applications and sometimes we are distracted playing Windows Solitaire.

But you can't always play because companies prevent their use because they "think" you lose productivity if you are distracted from time to time playing alone.

If you have restricted access to use Windows games, why not play solitaire in an Excel spreadsheet?

Indeed, Monte Carlo method for calculating complex mathematical problems has been inspired to the inventor when he was convalescing from an illness and playing solitaires.

The truth is that the post title gives much game because searching on Google for "a solitaire game" appear many morbid references to "self-esteem".  Years ago I'm writting games and by "self-esteem" I have designed this game alone. I remember with nostalgia when it was games about ships and star wars in 80x24 character screens with no graphics! Those were the days!

This game I've done trying to be faithful to the movement of the card deck of solitaire, with some cards that can be dragged and dropped onto the piles, turn them over and move in groups of cards from a pile to another, which is what more headaches than I have given. I assure you it is not a demo, is a beta (ß is the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet) of which like so much posting to Micro$oft, though I'd say they understand it as a seam of making dollars ($ symbol or ISO 4217 USD), which I'm not going to get rich by selling this solitaire. I hope you enjoy it alone because it will soon overtake the Windows Solitaire. One can know how it's done because the code is open and VBA macros unprotected.
SOLITARIO_PW22.xls  Today I share the beta ß of a solitaire game that will wreak havoc in worldwide offices and is going to unseat Windows Solitaire, which is removed in many office computers to do not play during working hours. After my family has tested it, I ask you the favor of being the next lonely beta-tester of this solitaire game and you have fun as much as I have been design it. Comment me if you find bugs and your ideas and improvements you can imagine. I hope you prompt response, ß-tester, to see how I was wrong to gain experience, as I always say in my signature.
If you suspect from prying eyes behind your back while playing solitaire, press the card table to minimize it. Although, if anyone gets along well with his boss would be nice to share the solitaire with him, will be a special way to make good friends! PD: Password to unprotect sheets: solitario
Traducción al español aquí

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