Letters Patent Of Marque and Reprisal

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I'm reading a novel by James A. Michener about the history of the Caribbean Sea, in which feature the adventures of the colonizers and, in Chapter 4, the Caribbean Sea is called the Spanish Lake because was been discovered by the Spanish, who planted their flag in all Central and South America and invented the New World, so much has changed in the last 500 years of American history, but the essence of patents remains the same but has changed hands.


Because of their wealth, the coast and the Caribbean islands were looting by English and French privateer that got Letter of Marque and Reprisal of their monarchs. A famous case was that of Francis Drake was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I as a reward for his services to the British crown.

Private companies were chartering vessels after obtaining a letter of marque and attacked the Caribbean cities to obtain a considerable booty of their robberies and ransom kidnappings. The corsair was only rights granted him of the obtained Letter Of Marque and Reprisal and can capture only ship from certain countries and, in turn, were to share the spoils with their monarchs. Instead, the pirates attacked without being held accountable to anyone.


The school of history has left us many examples of letters of marque "carte blanche" for the last 500 years that have evolved over the last 200 years and that is known among companies and governments of countries such as requests for invention privileges:

Patent (Letter Of Marque):
— USP (United States Patent)
— EP (European Patent)
— WP (World Patent)


The last battle of a particular entrepreneur to gain the riches of the others began last summer from Paul Allen to sue Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, AOL and eBay, among others, for violating its patents "in corso", stating that his inventions are the foundation of the Internet, but without reporting to the company that made him rich, as it is one of the Microsoft founders.


This man did not have to invest his money in chartering a merchant ship and face the waves across oceans and seas, merely to hire good design professionals of graphical user interfaces (GUI) to draft and apply for patents to protect their ideas and now wants to recoup the investment in innovation. It is estimated that Allen spent some $100 million of his personal fortune to this incubator in Silicon Valley.


Experts say now is the online trading game, because it allows their products to recommend content to users in relation to their search and tastes, instead of trading gold, silver and spoils overseas.

This is the kind of trade in the XXI century pirates, surfing the Web to get your booty in the form of electronic money.

In a forthcoming article I'll review Paul Allen' patents relating to GUIs.

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