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Posted on martes, diciembre 09, 2014 by Pedro Wave

A new drop-down calendar challenge

This time the challenge has been to create a Drop-Down Calendar without any handle Windows APIs, because in Excel 2010 and 2013 is not available the "Calendar Control" add and I didn't want to enable the previous versions of the calendar control for Microsoft Excel 2010.

You can see in any cell pressing the right mouse button or in the cells of the columns that have "*DATE*" in the first row or, knowing something about VBA macros, selecting the cell's range where will be displayed the drop-down calendar.

This calendar can be customized without knowing about macros or VBA, because the calendar image is obtained from the "CalCon" sheet and dates such as holidays or events are selected in the "CalFechas" sheet.

Download this drop-down calendar control

Link to download the Drop-Down Calendar template from here:

Control de Calendario PW2.xlsm 

Drop-Down Calendar Requirements

The following requirements have been proposed:
  1. Programming the Control with minimal use of VBA macros, only to display the Control and to change selected month.
  2. Create the Control with only native Excel forms, either images or form controls and ActiveX.
  3. Calculate and plot the calendar using Excel formulas.
  4. Show the month of the date of the active cell.
  5. Controlling the change of dates into protected cells.
  6. Easily change the month and year shown.
  7. Quickly return to the current day or the day of the active cell.
  8. Shadow the selected day just when it is changed the date of the active cell.
  9. Display week number starting on Sunday or Monday and according to ISO 8601
  10. Change Control zoom. (Buttons: < 0 >)
  11. Display the Control around the active cell.
  12. To include holiday dates colored and automatically generated, for example How to make the Easter dates.

More Drop-Down Calendar Requirements

18-11-2014: I added some additional features to this calendar control to facilitate its use, that you can see in the animated picture:
  1. Mark the days above the mouse cursor is passing over.
  2. Check if you mark the days above the cursor is passing. (Button: o)
  3. Check that shows everyday. (Button: x)
  4. Control the number and type of week: weeks start on Monday or Sunday. (Button: w)
  5. Copy control to an existing or new sheet. ("CalCon" sheet button: "Copy the Control shape on a sheet")

Drop-Down Calendar video

In the video you can see how to include the form into any sheet grouped together, whether new or existing, and how to copy the macros of "CalTest" or "CalFechas" sheet to the new sheet where the Calendar will be displayed.

Enable the old Drop Down Calendar

If after knowing my new Calendar control you still want to enable Excel 2007 control in following versions, you can read the next Microsoft support, knowing that 64-bit Windows doesn't work with the old Control: Habilitar Control de calendario y DatePicker para Microsoft Excel 2010

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